Blackboard Collaborate Roadmap – Session Notes #BbWorld17

We invite you to join our product management leaders to hear about our short and long term product plans for Blackboard Collaborate. A question-and-answer portion will provide attendees with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the roadmap directly from the experts at Blackboard.

Presented by David Hastie

Of course, future plans for development of any software product are plans only, and may be changed. With that being said, though, here is what Blackboard is currently working on for Collaborate!

Vision for Collaborate:

  • Deeply integrated workflows – more thoughtfully embedded within Blackboard courses, including within groups. Within the natural user workflow.
  • Modern, responsive, streamlined design
  • Powerful teaching & learning tools for engaging sessions
  • Fully accessible – more than a checkbox, Collab is built with accessibility as a core value
  • Embedded insights

Continuous delivery highlights

Delivering on last year’s promises

David feels good about their continuous release cadence from 2016-2017.

They are continuing to invest and innovate, as well as delivering quality improvements like dynamic bandwidth adjustment. Collaborate is better integrated in workflows in Learn, Moodlerooms, & LTI. They have developed new features such as private chat and 500+ participants, as well as deeply embedded accessibility features that other products do not offer. Overall, David gives them a Smile, because they have done well but can continue to do more.

Get involved

You can contribute to their roadmap through cohort programs, customer roadmap surveys, technical previews, and on the Blackboard Community site.

2017 Roadmap

File Jul 26, 2 03 20 PM.jpeg

In beta

  • Attendance report for Manager role

In development

  • Collaborate rooms for Learn Course Groups – first step is providing dedicated rooms for each group from within the group. Longer term plan is to integrate course groups with breakout rooms
  • Telephony-only dial in (joining via telephone only, with no need to join the web session)
  • Timer – was really popular, so they are bringing it back!
  • Up to 1,000 participants

In research

  • File Jul 26, 2 21 20 PM.png
    Mock-up of attendance tracking for Collaborate sessions

    Caption recordings post-session

    • comply with accessibility policies using industry standards (mp4, WebVTT)
    • recordings used as content need to be captioned
    • partnering with automated speech-to-text (IBM Watson) and leading EDU captioning vendors
  • Persistent annotations
  • Save/re-use whiteboard
  • Share content to and from breakout groups
  • Display videos as content
  • Sign language interpreter layout (student able to pin the video of the interpreter so it is always visible, instead of follow-the-speaker)
  • Deeper Learn & Moodlerooms integrations
    • connect with course attendance based on the amount of time spent in session
    • provide links to individual sessions and recordings within content areas/folders
  • Learning analytics
    • measures of student engagement based on participation with chat, audio, video, hand raising, polling, and live feedback features
    • likely to be released sometime in 2018
  • Scripted lesson plans
  • Administrative reports

Cool stuff available now

Dynamic Bandwidth Adjustment for unreliable network conditions – released June 2017

Basically, ensures an excellent experience regardless of the stability of your connection. Collaborate monitors your connection speed and packet reliability, and scales the amount of data being sent to you based on your needs.

File Jul 26, 1 59 36 PM.jpeg

Polling options

Includes formal polls as well as an informal agree/disagree option (live feedback)


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